Make the videos you want to make. Just pay for the videos you want to see.
Only for the creators you love.


We think ads suck the joy out of life. We think you should only pay for content you actually want to watch.
And we think creators should be able to make a living off what they make.

Zarta puts viewers in control

You choose who you want to support every time you unlock a video. Unlike other platforms, where your view is worth fractions of a penny, your view is worth way, way more to your favorite creators. So you know right away that your money is benefiting the people who make your day better.

Frictionless monetization for creators

You don't have to convince your viewers to pay for an expensive subscription. You're not getting fractions of a penny based on ad views. And when your audience pays 10 cents for every full view, you get immediate, clear feedback on what they want to see more of.

Unlock videos for just 10 cents

Creators upload their videos, and viewers get to watch a portion of each for free. Then they can either unlock it for 10 cents, or they can move on. No more sitting through pesky ads. No more wondering if that subscription's worth it.

No nasty stuff

We believe in creative autonomy, but we also believe in having rules that are simple and fair. At Zarta, all videos are curated by people with a set of transparent rules: no porn, no hate speech, no misinformation, and no copyright infringement.

Let your inspiration take the reigns.


We beleive more people should have the opportunity to share their talents. If you can make content that people want to pay for, we want to partner with you.

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